Goats and new news

 Ok. Who here on my website watches American Idol? It used to be a very good show but now it has just turned plain weird. I wish it never turned weird because I use to really like it. Oh well. Like for example, that one dude who has like 6 different names REALLY REALLY scares me! The judges think he's funny but really I  don't get why he does it!

Hey people of the Earth!! Thanks for coming to my site! It is really fun making it! Ummmm....as you can see by the website name, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GOATS!!! They totally rock my world!! I mean they are so cute they unresistable!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! I am going loooooony!!! I had play practice today. There is this part where I get taken away by aliens and they wanted to carry me off and "away" when they did our teacher told them to just drag me off stage and they practicly dropped me!!!!

I have been using the same font for everything that I type. Do you want to know why? If you don't well... TOO BAD!!! In 2nd and 3rd grade I had this totally awesome teacher and she always used this font and whenever I use it I think of her and if makes me so happy!!! OH YA!!!!! 

Ok people. After you see this goat picture don't you find goats adorable and absolutly CUTE!!!!! I love seeing goats at the fair

FUN FACT!!!! Did you know that goats have square pupils??? Isn't that strange? But they still are the most awesome animal on this Earth!!! Oh and By the way......... NEVER EAT GOAT MEAT!!!! They kill goats and thinking about that is just soooooooo sad!!!! :( Save the totally awesome goats~~~~ 

You know, I really like goats! They are the most awesome creature on the face of this Earth. You know what I'm saying? If you are reading my website now, YOU ROCK AS MUCH AS GOATS AT THE FAIR!! I think doing this website is so fun and it is a great way to chill!!! So.... I think that you should make one of these websites because it is really fun and easy!!! Thats all I have to say for now! Bye!!

Hey people of Earth! Whats up fellow earthlings? I was thinking....... IF you are a boy that I have not given permission to read this site, you need to find a hobbie besides sitting around and reading a girls website. I bet you are reading this because you like me!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hopefully, you didn't take  that offensive because I wrote it. I didn't say it to your face! So there.... WHAT!?!?!?!?! 

I've got my eyes on you!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! 

And a sheep to finsh the pictures!! Isn't that nice??? Also, my bff who might be reading my site who also just turned 11, YOU ROCK ON AND I'll see you tonight!! Oh ya!!1 Rock on people, I'll post more tomorrow!! Byeeeeee!! ROCK ON!!!

Hi people! I just created a blog on here, so you can check that too! Ummmmm..... Oh!!! Now I remember! You know how I was talking about American Idol? Well, one good thing and one bad thing. The bad news first. Jasmine, my favorite contestant, got voted off!!! But the good news is, THE GUY WITH SHINY SHIRTS AND SIX NAMES GOT VOTED OFF!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Hey!! As you know, I absolutly love goats! So I made a diagram comparing goats, {#1 favorite animal} and sheep {# 4 favorite animal}.  


Goats have-

Square pupils, cashmere fur, and say maaaaaa! 


Sheep have-

Square pupils {like goats}, wool fur, and say baaaa! 

To go along with the chart I included pictures of each animal as a baby. (aka as their cutest) So this is the kid {baby goat} Isn't it adorable?!?!? 

And here is the lamb {baby sheep}. Which one do you think is cuter? I know you are thinking the goat just like me!!!!!  

And that is my update to my website today! I will be sure to post more tomorrow! Bye! Talk to you later!! Bye! Rock On!!! 

Hey people! What is up??? If my best friend, Annie Jonas, is reading this, you rock on and you will always be my best friend no matter what happens. From your best friend forever, Lisa Simpson. {by the way website viewers, those aren't real names. I made them up. YOU'LL NEVER FIND OUT OUR REAL NAMES!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Hey everyone! Today at school we had groups and I was talking with my friend about the play I am in. There was a person in our group and they were making fun of everything I said. I am having a bad day! :(   Also, I got my Social Studies test back and I missed 2 questions that I thought I knew! The only good thing is that I am home and away from school. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Byeeeeee!    XOXO,

Lisa Simpson

P.S. Annie Jonas..... You rock out loud!!!

Hey everyone!!! Before I forget I have 2 things to tell you. 1: Be sure to check out my blog, movie review, and thank yous. 2: Check out my friends site it is, www.galpal.synthasite.com. Oh and before I forget.... FUN FACT, about me!! Did you know my nickname is Skipper??? Well now you do!!!! Bye everyone!!! Talk to you later! 

(\(\                                                                       (=':')                                                                                                       ()("|")


Ok, good news. My favorite person on American Idol got put back on!!!!! I am so happy about that!!! Oh well Thats all I have to say about that!!!

Watch this video!!!!! And my fave on American Idol got voted off!!!!!!!!! Also, you have to click cancel while the video is loading so you can see it faster. Also, click on the slide to make it switch to a new one!

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Hi everyone. Wow. It has been a while since I updated my site. It was because the main site changed their name to Yola.com and I couldn't figure out what happened. Oh well. Enjoy the site!

By that picture, you can tell I like the Simpsons. It is the best show ever! I love it so much! The movie is really funny too! Thats all I have to say........ 

Hello everyone!!! As you can see I love the Simpsons, and goats. I went shopping today and I found this shirt with Lisa Simpson on and I GOT IT!!!! It is sooooo cool! I am wearing it to school tomorrow. By the way Annie Jonas..... YOU ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you soon! Don't jump off the Empire State Building!!!! Don't hog the phone!!! Don't swear to your emenies!!! Be nice!!! Scream back at people who talk loud!!!!!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hey everyone! Are you happy to be on my website?? Well if you aren't GET OFF!!!! Be sure to check my "Fun stuff" tab on the top of the page. It is a chance to enter a random contest!!! Bye!

 Hey what's up? Me? Well nothing, besides that it is summer!!!! I had a great school year but, who can't like summer more? So, my sister made a website. My sister made a website. I bet she was jelous of mine. Just kidding! Ha ha! Ummm... oh ya. There's a new contest, so enter it!

Hey website viewers! Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Oh and I won't update in a while again because I will be going on vacation again! Bye byez!

Hey! I haven't been on in forever! I mean its been over 6 months! wow thats all I can say.... wow. So.... 


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