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Hey!!! What's up viewers of my website?? If you come to this website often, you will notice that this is a new section called "Fun stuff". On this section we we do games and contests! Check back daily for more information on this section of the website.

For our first game ever we are going to do a contest. I want you to get the funniest picture of an animal you can, and send it to my email address; . The winners picture of the animal WILL be posted on the website. Be ready!!!!!!!!


1.] It must be an animal.

2.] HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!! Just a heads up, the contest ends Friday, April 24. If you still want to enter you still have a chance! Good luck! 

Yea!!! Another contest! For this contest we will be creating the funniest advertisement you can! The winner's ad will be posted on my website for all viewers to see! So don't embaress yourself!


If your advertisement has something that I don't think should be shown, {such as bathroom humor etc...} I will take your add off the list and you will not have a chance to win. I don't like being mean, but if young kids see this website, that would be very bad for them to see.

That is the end of the rules. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!! 

Hey everyone! Hurry in with your entries! We have a lack on both of the contests. Please send in your entries I want this to be a fun contest but 2 entries does not make in fun. Oh well...... :'(

The contest results are in! The winner for the funny animal picture contest sent in this picture: 

A big thank you to whoever sent that picture in! Now for the advertisements. The winner is Salmon Sufers! Here is the advertisement:


Salmon Sufers

Are you tired of walking in a stream and having salmon swimming all around you giving you no space at all? Yes? Then we have the product for you! The Salmon Surfer! It lets you glide across on the fins of the salmon and neither of you notice! Side effects may include, swelling of feet, warts the size of strawberries, and foot-long nose hairs! Hurry in for a 30 second warranty! Offer ends in 5...4...3...2...1...0! Offer has ended. Salmon Sufers are no longer up for purchase. Thank you for your time.

Isn't that funny? Keep posted for more contests! Thank you! Bye! 

If you are looking for fun stuff on this fun stuff tab... then check out this Power Point that I have posted under this text............... 

Size : 300 Kb
Type : ppt

Check out that link! Thats all for now!!! Bye! :) 

lisa and cheddar.ppt lisa and cheddar.ppt
Size : 1064 Kb
Type : ppt

That is a slide show that my friend, Cheddar Cheese, and I made. Check it out!!!! It is awesome!!! 

 Hey! Another contest! Yay!!!!!!!

OK. For this contest, you have to send in the funniest, made-up story you can! The rules are, ummmm.... i don't think there are any rules. oh well. Have fun!!! The entries must be sent to my email,, and hurry in with your entries!!!! Remember, I am not asking you to send in Newberry Winners or classics, I just want you to have fun!!!

 Hey! There still hasn't been any entries for the story writing contest! Please send them in as soon as possible! I have to close the contest soon! Once there are at least 2 entries I am going to announce the winner! Ok... good luck!


Do you hate contests or something? I have gotten ZERO entries. Zero... Zip... Zilch..... Maybe I should just stop doing a web site all together. Nobody reads it. It's harder than it looks. Oh well. Anyway thaks for all your help with the contests. (thats sarcasm.) 

Hey! I haven't been on in a while but I wanted to post a fun game!


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